Education, is a basic human right, and has the power to transform communities, individuals and countries. Illiteracy is one of the main causes of sustained poverty and millions of children in developing countries cannot go to school because of poverty. The best gift a parent can offer a child is education.

Some interesting facts by UNESCO suggests:

One additional year of school can boost lifetime earnings by 10 per cent

  • Maternal deaths would shrink by two thirds if all mothers completed primary education
  • One year more of education for a population can increase GDP from 2 to 5%
  • Each extra year of school decreases young boys’ risk of involvement in conflict by 20%

We have made it our priority to ensure that children have easy access to quality education by supporting programmes involved in implementing schools and creating educational opportunities.

Renovate A School

Being Humanitarian runs different projects under the education programme; we renovate and uplift vulnerable schools, distribute school supplies, provide teacher training, develop educational resources, and more.

There are more than one hundred thousand schools in Pakistan and Bangladesh which do not have basic facilities to create a conducive learning environment for students. Most commons problems are overcrowding, access to toilets/water facilities, no furniture and students not having books and stationary supplies.

What we do is identify vulnerable school (s), renovate, upgrade existing toilets/ build extra toilets and water facilities, provide new furniture and other necessities required in the school. We also provide school kits, clean drinking water facilities, hygiene-promoting lessons, and teacher training workshops.

This results in improved, higher-quality education, increased enrolment in schools (especially for girls), and awareness about hygiene and better standards for educational environments.