Chairman / Trustee

Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan Khan, Chairman of Being Humanitarian since January 2019, is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of trailblazing experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. His journey began with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from NED University of Karachi, Pakistan, which laid the foundation for his remarkable career.

Armed with a Master's degree from Queen Mary University of London, Mr. Khan possesses a diverse skill set that empowers him to conquer complex challenges. He brings a global perspective, having traversed the EMEA region extensively, infusing innovative approaches into Being Humanitarian's mission.

Mr. Khan is not just a tech wizard; he's an inspiring leader who motivates teams to achieve exceptional results. He's also a devoted mentor to aspiring young talents, nurturing their growth and success.

Beyond his professional achievements, Zeeshan Khan is a prominent advocate for environmental conservation and climate change policies. His involvement mirrors Being Humanitarian's commitment to sustainability and positive impact.

In public forums, he shares insights on ICT and social issues, exemplifying his active role in the community. Zeeshan Khan is not just a Chairman; he's a catalyst for change, driving both the charity and the world toward a brighter future.

Founding Trustee

Sabooh Uddin

Meet Sabooh Uddin, a dynamic force in the world of humanitarian aid and development with a Master's degree in business information systems from the University of East London. With a strong background in media sales and marketing, he's a game-changer in the international humanitarian arena, particularly in the Indian subcontinent.

Sabooh is not just an advisor to prominent UK businesses and charities; he's a catalyst for elevating their profiles and securing substantial funding. His life's mission is fueled by an innate passion for charity and human development, born from his upbringing in a family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists in a region plagued by uncertainty and poverty.

As the visionary founder of a UK and European humanitarian development magazine, Sabooh is a trailblazer. His accolades include the Pakistan Achievements Award in 2012 and the prestigious Global Peace and Unity Award in 2005. For the past 15 years, he's been at the forefront of responding to major humanitarian crises worldwide, driving successful projects and shaping policies through executive and international conference participation.

Today, Sabooh sits on the board of trustees for multiple UK-based charities, leading aid and human development initiatives across Asia and Africa. He's not just a team member; he's a force of positive change and global impact.


Dr. Sadia Tariq

Dr. Sadia Tariq, a distinguished medical professional, is a vital Trustee at Being Humanitarian, infusing dynamism into the organization's healthcare initiatives. Her impressive journey in medicine began with an MBBS degree in 2004, igniting her lifelong dedication to healthcare improvement.

Dr. Sadia's pursuit of excellence propelled her to attain the esteemed FCPS qualification in General Medicine from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), showcasing her commitment to advancing medical practice.

Her relentless drive for growth led to membership in the Royal College of Physicians (UK), acknowledging her exceptional competence and expertise in the medical realm.

Currently, she serves as a Specialist in Acute Medicine at NHS, a role of paramount importance within the UK's prestigious healthcare system.

Dr. Sadia Tariq's passion for medicine aligns seamlessly with Being Humanitarian's mission. Her acute medicine expertise and NHS experience offer valuable insights into healthcare delivery and access, enriching the charity's medical assistance and health improvement endeavors.

As a Trustee, Dr. Tariq brings her medical prowess, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to making a profound impact on those in need. Her presence on the board exemplifies the charity's dedication to holistic expertise in addressing critical healthcare challenges.