Save lives & reduce suffering

Health is an important area and of focus and under this health program Being Humanitarian runs a number of different development projects in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our health program framework defines our commitment to save lives and reduce suffering in terms in times of emergencies and otherwise. We endeavour to strengthen the capacity and resilience of health systems by building partnerships that involve the local communities and coordinating with the national authorities.

Free Vegetables & Fruits Project

The goal of this project was to provide free essential vegetables and fruits to poor and needy people, giving priority to disable, elderly and needy people. The pilot project was undertaken in the semi-rural areas of Karachi.

Qurbani & Eid Gift

Every Muslims around the world celebrate Eid ul Adha by sacrificing animals, remembering the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. We run this project on behalf of our donor organisations and individuals in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malawi and distribute meat among the poor communities in these areas. In some areas we also distribute Eid gifts to the children and needy communities.